Who To Contact at DSB
Area Employee/Department Web Link
Account balances and postings Any DSB branch, main bank Bookkeeping Register for digital banking
Accounts payable (vendors) Pat Doyle  
ACH file origination Sarah LeDoux, Kim Clements More info >
ACH incoming posting Bookkeeping  
Advertising Nikki Rash  
Bankruptcy Bill Nichols  
Change of address Cindy May Form >
Business Remote Deposit Capture (desktop) Sarah LeDoux, Kim Clements More info >
Check order with printer Harland Clarke Customer Service Reps www.ordermychecks.com / 1-800-355-8123
Checks re-order Customer Service Reps Online reordering site >
Close account Any DSB branch, main bank Bookkeeping


Coin counting Tellers  
Collector coins Nikki Rash  
Construction draws Jana Lutz, Chelby Cummings  
Corporate donations Nikki Rash Form >
Credit bureau reporting problems Michael Carlson  
Credit card payments Call 1-800-423-7503  
Credit references Sarah LeDouxKaren Mellenbruch  
Debit card problems Customer Service Reps Dispute forms >
DSBconnect digital banking  Matt Taylor More info >
DSB Financial Services Rex Frazier, Deb Knouft More info >
Electronic statements (CSIeSafe) Matt Taylor Registration >
Employment Ernie Porter More info >
FDIC insurance coverage Rex Frazier More info >
Financial statements Kay Andler Blank forms >
Fraud on deposit accounts, debit cards Bookkeeping, Nikki Jenner on cards  
Funds transfer: single live request Bookkeeping, tellers More info >
Funds transfer: recurring between DSB accounts Deb Knouft (deposits), Garett Schreiber More info >
Funds transfer: send out ACH Deb Knouft More info >
Funds transfer: online/mobile Matt Taylor More info >
Funds verification Sarah LeDouxKaren Mellenbruch  
Garnishments/Levy Pat Doyle  
Health Savings Accounts Deb Knouft More info >
IRA contributions/distributions Deb Knouft More info >
Letters of credit Tiffany Ditzler  
Lien release Melissa Holliday  
Loan payments: how to, problems, notices Garett Schreiber  
Loan payoff: ag, commercial Garett Schreiber  
Loan payoff: Freddie Mac retained, FHLB/MPF retained Blake Meyer  
Loan payoff: in-house mortgage Jana Lutz  
Loan payoff: non-mortgage Any loan department employee  
Lost/stolen cards, checks Customer Service Reps More info >
Merchant credit card acceptance Sarah LeDoux, Matt Taylor More info >
Mortgage escrowing (taxes and insurance) Melissa Holliday  
Mortgage rates and application Any loan department employee Mortgage Center
Name change Customer Service Reps Form >
Notification of death Bookkeeping Form >
Online/mobile/digital banking support Matt Taylor More info >
Open New Checking/Savings Account Any CSR or online Online opening
Overdraft Privilege status Garett Schreiber  
Overdrafts and returns Garett Schreiber More info >
Round Up Savings Customer Service Reps More info >
Safekeeping Cathy Wilson  
Statements Bookkeeping for mailed, Matt Taylor for digital  
State warrants and levies Pat Doyle  
Stop payment Bookkeeping Form >
Transfers/payments (ACH) from other banks Bookkeeping Forms >
U.S. savings bond redemptions Deb Knouft More info >
Wire transfers in Pat Doyle Call our wire department 1-800-633-2423
Wire transfers out Cathy Wilson Call our wire department 1-800-633-2423