Who To Contact at DSB
Area Employee/Department Web Link
Account balances and postings Any DSB branch, main bank Bookkeeping Register for digital banking
Accounts payable (vendors) Pat Doyle  
ACH file origination Kim Clements More info >
ACH incoming posting Bookkeeping  
Advertising Nikki Rash  
Bankruptcy Bill Nichols  
Change of address Cindy May Form >
Business Remote Deposit Capture (desktop) Sarah LeDoux, Kim Clements More info >
Check order with printer Harland Clarke Customer Service Reps www.ordermychecks.com / 1-800-355-8123
Checks re-order Customer Service Reps Online reordering site >
Close account Any DSB branch, main bank Bookkeeping


Coin counting Tellers  
Collector coins Nikki Rash  
Construction draws Stephanie Nicol, Jana Lutz, Chelby Cummings  
Corporate donations Nikki Rash Form >
Credit bureau reporting problems Michael Carlson  
Credit card payments Call 1-800-423-7503  
Credit references Sarah LeDouxKaren Mellenbruch  
Debit card problems Customer Service Reps Dispute forms >
DSBconnect digital banking  Matt Taylor More info >
DSB Financial Services Rex Frazier, Deb Knouft More info >
Electronic statements (CSIeSafe) Matt Taylor Registration >
Employment Ernie Porter More info >
FDIC insurance coverage Rex Frazier More info >
Financial statements Kay Andler Blank forms >
Fraud on deposit accounts, debit cards Bookkeeping, Nikki Miller on cards  
Funds transfer: single live request Bookkeeping, tellers More info >
Funds transfer: recurring between DSB accounts Deb Knouft (deposits), Garett Schreiber More info >
Funds transfer: send out ACH Deb Knouft More info >
Funds transfer: online/mobile Matt Taylor More info >
Funds verification Bookkeeping  
Garnishments/Levy Pat Doyle  
Health Savings Accounts Deb Knouft More info >
IRA contributions/distributions Deb Knouft More info >
Letters of credit Garett Schreiber  
Lien release on vehicle Garrett Schreiber  
Loan advances: line of credit Garett Schreiber  
Loan payments: how to, problems, notices Garett Schreiber  
Loan payoff: ag, commercial Garett Schreiber  
Loan payoff: Freddie Mac retained, FHLB/MPF retained Blake Meyer  
Loan payoff: in-house mortgage Jana Lutz  
Loan payoff: non-mortgage Any loan department employee  
Lost/stolen cards, checks Customer Service Reps More info >
Merchant credit card acceptance Sarah LeDoux, Matt Taylor More info >
Mortgage escrowing (taxes and insurance) Melissa Holliday  
Mortgage rates and application Any loan department employee Mortgage Center
Name change Customer Service Reps Form >
Notification of death Bookkeeping Form >
Online/mobile/digital banking support Matt Taylor More info >
Open New Checking/Savings Account Any CSR or online Online opening
Overdraft Privilege status Garett Schreiber  
Overdrafts and returns Garett Schreiber More info >
Round Up Savings Customer Service Reps More info >
Safekeeping Cathy Wilson  
Statements Bookkeeping for mailed, Matt Taylor for digital  
State warrants and levies Pat Doyle  
Stop payment Bookkeeping Form >
Transfers/payments (ACH) from other banks Bookkeeping Forms >
U.S. savings bond redemptions Deb Knouft More info >
Wire transfers out / in Cathy Wilson, Pat Doyle Call our wire department 1-800-633-2423