ACH (Automated Clearing House) Services

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Denison State Bank is an originator of ACH electronic funds transfers. ACH transactions can be used for direct debit of billings and for direct deposit of payroll and entitlements. Fees are:

$10.00 per file; 10 cents per credit item; 10 cents per debit item; $3.00 return item fee.

If your business is interested in originating direct debits and direct deposits, contact Kim Clements, ACH coordinator.

ACH Addenda Records

Denison State Bank, through the Federal Reserve, is able to produce electronic reports on ACH transaction addenda records in human-readable form. This service is available for any account holder who gets ACH transactions and needs to know the details of payments/debits included in one lump ACH transaction. See examples of addenda records. These reports are available free of charge and are accessed on an encrypted email messaging system the morning after the ACH posting. To enroll, contact Kim Clements, ACH coordinator.