List of Bank Employees

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NMLS = Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System

OFFICERS in alpha order
Name Department Location
Achten, Jim Vice President/Credit Administrator/Loan Audits Holton main
Bausch, Trevor Assistant Vice President/Loan Officer, NMLS #1084604 Topeka branch
Benyshek, Tim Vice President/Branch Manager/Loan Officer, NMLS #618808 Meriden branch
Bontrager, Sydney Loan Officer Holton main
Bowser, Steve Executive Vice President/Investments-Funding-Analysis Officer and Branch Management / Chartered Financial Analyst (C.F.A.) Holton main
Burns, Sherry Vice President/Loan Officer/Holton Branch Manager, NMLS #442020 Holton branch
Carlson, Michael Vice President/Loan Officer/Security Officer, NMLS #442024 Holton main
Clements, Kim Bookkeeping Supervisor Officer, Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) Holton main
Cummings, Chelby Topeka Branch Manager/Consumer Lender Topeka branch
Day, Mike President/NMLS #442022 Holton main
Deeken, Susie Assistant Vice President/Commercial and Real Estate Loan Officer, NMLS # 641304 Meriden branch
Deneault, Heather Deposit Operations Officer Holton main
Frazier, Rex Vice President/Financial Investments Officer/Manager of DSB Financial Services and Registered Representative of Securities America Inc. / CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(TM) Holton main
Knouft, Deb Assistant Vice President/Investments/Lead CSR Holton main
McCall, Tiffany Loan Officer, NMLS #1829509 Meriden branch
McManigal, Mike Senior Vice President/Senior Information Technology and Security Officer Holton main
Mercer, Janet Vice President, Loan Officer, NMLS #2076690 Holton main
Meyer, Blake Senior Vice President/Chief Lending Officer, NMLS #442016 Holton main
Murrow, Kyle Assistant Vice President/Commercial and Ag Loan Officer, NMLS #1942113 Holton main
Porter, Ernie Senior Vice President/Human Resources Officer Holton main
Roberts, Mike Assistant Financial Officer Holton main
Schreiber, Annette Assistant Cashier/Lead Teller Holton main
Schreiber, Garett Loan Officer Holton Main
Spencer, David Executive Vice President/Chief Financial Officer/Audit & Compliance Officer Holton main
Taylor, Matt Senior Vice President/Digital Banking Holton main
Taylor, Paula Chairwoman of the Board of Directors/CEO Holton main
Wilson, Cathy Senior Vice President/Cashier/Administrative Officer Holton main/Topeka branch
STAFF in alpha order
Name Department Location
Anderson, Laura Teller Meriden branch
Beecham, Kaitlin Customer Service Representative/Teller Holton main
Bond, Melanie Teller Meriden branch
Brown, Ashley Real Estate Loan Processor Holton main
Brown, Connie Customer Service Representative/Holton Branch Operations Manager Holton branch
Carney, Patricia Teller Holton branch
Collins, Barb Teller Holton main
Comer, Anna Real Estate Loan Processor Holton main
Cormier, Rhonda Main Bank Receptionist/Teller Holton main
Ditzler, Tiffany Real Estate Loan Processor Holton main
Doyle, Pat Administrative Assistant Holton main
Gerhardt, Mary Teller Hoyt branch
Hogle, Kathy Teller Meriden branch
Holliday, Melissa Escrow Coordinator/Administrative Assistant Holton main
Holt, Jerica Real Estate Loan Processor Holton main
Howe, Lesley Bookkeeping/Document Imaging Assistant Holton main
Hubbs-Ward, Melissa Customer Service Representative/Teller Hoyt branch
Jenner, Nikki Customer Service Representative/Teller Holton branch
Kahle, Carol Bookkeeping Assistant/Teller Meriden branch
Ketron, Gayla Deposit Operations Manager Meriden branch
Kuglin, Ben Assistant Network Engineer Holton main
Lacey, Stephanie Real Estate Loan Processor, NMLS #792829 Holton main
Lovvorn, Tammy Bookkeeping Assistant Holton main
Matthews, Lisa Teller Holton main
Mellenbruch, Karen Bookkeeping Assistant Holton main
Mulroy, Shane Records Management Coordinator-Loans Holton main
Niehues, Gina Real Estate Loan Processor Holton main
Noble, Thomas Loan Processor Holton main
Pope, Kristopher Customer Service Representative/Teller Meriden  branch
Rash, Nikki Marketing Communications Coordinator Holton main
Reveles, Lizzy Teller Holton branch
Slan, Erik Customer Service Representative/Teller Topeka branch
Smith, Sunny Teller Meriden branch
Stapel, Ashley Customer Service Representative/Teller Meriden branch
Stithem, Julie Personal Banker/Branch Manager Hoyt branch
Strube, Kasey Network Engineer Holton main
Swendson, Jodie Customer Service Representative/Teller Holton main
Watkins, Stephanie Records Management Coordinator-Deposits Holton main
Whitebird, Taylor Customer Service Representative/Teller Topeka branch


Roy Hallauer, Daniel Nease, Elisabeth Nelson, Lily Lefferd, Kalinn Baumgartner, Ryan Saville, Jake Graf, Becca Robertson, Carson Taylor, Grace Conser, Emily Myers All locations