DSBconnect Help

Phone: 1-800-633-2423 (364-3131 local)    Email / Online Chat / Come In

What self-service is available to me?

   DSB Online 

  • Click on the "Help" link in upper right corner in a browser login to www.dsbks.com to be directed to an online help section with detailed explanations of the various functions.
  • For locked registration or forgotten password, follow the prompts shown. You will be sent a One-Time Passcode to enter and proceed. For security purposes, your DSB Online/Mobile registration will become locked out if five consecutive unsuccessful log-in attempts are made due to invalid entry of Username or Password.
  • BROWSERS: Make sure you are using a supported browser version.  If troubles accessing DSB Online on your browser, follow these settings steps: 
    - Internet Explorer
    - Firefox
    - Safari
    - Google Chrome 

   CSIeSafe Electronic Statements and Notices

  • If you forgot your password, click the "Forgot Password" link at www.csiesafe.com and a system-generated reset will be emailed to you.

What can I do if DSB Online/Mobile is not accessible?

It can be expected that DSB Online/Mobile will occasionally be inaccessible due to system downtime or maintenance. We have procedures in place for the online banking provider to notify the bank of such down-times, and we will do a mass email to all users if the downtime is more than an hour.

If you need to access your account information during these times, you can call our toll-free Telebanking service at 1-866-DSB-5151. You must have a valid PIN to use this service - call the bank if you need to establish a PIN. You are always welcome to call us during banking hours to obtain account information.

How do cookies get deleted?

  • The account holder deletes them.
  • The account holder has their browser set to delete cookies upon closing the browser.
  • Some anti-virus software delete cookies.

What if I just get a blank screen when I click my accounts?

  • Check your browser settings and clean out your temporary files, based on your browser type.
  • Download/install latest version of Java (www.java.com) followed by a system restart.
  • Reset browser back to default settings.
  • Access from an alternate browser.
  • Reboot modem/router to clear the internal cache.

For further assistance:

For further assistance in using any of our DSBconnect services, contact us in any of the ways referenced above. (Do not include any confidential info in your online communications to us.) We would be glad to help.