Wire-Out and Wire-In Transfers

Wire-out transfers send funds from your Denison State Bank account to a bank account at another financial institution within the same business day*, while wire-in transfers receive and post funds to your DSB account as originated by an outside financial institution. 

* Deadlines: Wire-out transfers can be sent by DSB until 3:00 p.m. weekdays. To ensure your wire-out is completed in the same business day, DSB needs to receive your wire order by 2:00 p.m. Wire requests received after 2:00 p.m. weekdays and on Saturdays are processed the next business day. Funds are available upon receipt and posting at the receiving bank, based on that bank's posting policy.

Fees:   $20.00 for each wire-out transaction from Denison State Bank. The receiving bank may charge the recipient/beneficiary a wire-in fee too. $60.00 fee for international outgoing.

            $5.00 for each wire-in posting to an account at Denison State Bank. The sending bank may charge the sender/originator a wire-out fee too. $6.00 fee for international incoming.

Regular withdrawal limits and fees apply on DSB savings accounts that fund a wire-out transfer.


The following pertains to domestic wire transfers for account holders at Denison State Bank. For international wires, contact the Wire Department at the bank.

To send a wire-out of over $1,000:

If you make a wire-out request of over $1,000 by contacting DSB through an email, fax or phone call, you will be asked to first have a completed and approved Wire Agreement on file with DSB. If not, DSB will not be able to process the wire until an agreement is completed. Once the form is completed and on file, you can submit your completed and signed Wire Request Form.

As part of the agreement, you will identity who is the official “originator” for this wire and future wires. You will establish a call-back password so that we can verify your identity when we call back to confirm the wire order. The wire sender will have designated themselves or employees who are authorized to originate the wire and certain individuals who may receive the call-back call.  The authorized individuals on the wire agreement will not necessarily be the same individuals who are designated as owners or authorized signers on the account signature card; the wire agreement will override the signature card for this particular purpose.

If you make the request by visiting any DSB location in person by 2:00 p.m. on a weekday, and the wire is greater than $1,000: a signed agreement is not needed. However, a Wire Request Form must be completed and signed by the sender/originator.

To send a wire-out of $1,000 or less:

The above Wire Agreement is not needed. If DSB receives the request by 2:00 p.m. weekdays, the funds should post same-day at the receiving bank.

To receive a wire-in to your DSB account:

No action is needed by you as the receiver/beneficiary. The originator will send the wire, and DSB will post the funds to your account by 4:00 p.m. weekdays, as long as the wire was originated correctly by 3:30 p.m.

Alternative to wire-outs for less than $10,000: DSBconnect P2P

The P2P function within DSBconnect digital banking may be a better and less costly alternative in some situations. Login to DSBconnect > Transfers/Move Money to send funds of $10,000 or less to another person or to a debit card number that you own at another financial institution. One advantage is it is a free service and instant capability of transfer; limitations are if sending money to a person by entering their email address or mobile phone number, it requires action by that person to direct the funds to a debit card number that have to complete the transaction.  

Wire Contact Information:

Come in: to any DSB location

Call: 1-800-633-2423 and ask for the Wire Department

Fax: 785-364-3793

Email questions to: web site email to Cathy Wilson, Wire Officer

The various Wire Transfer forms are linked in the above text and also by clicking here.

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