Round Up Savings (RUS)


Round Up Savings is a great way to build your savings account balance just by using your DSB Visa Debit Card when making debit card purchases.

What is RUS:

Once registered for the service, any time you use your DSB Visa Debit Card to make a point-of-sale (POS) purchase, either by entering your PIN or signing your name, not only will the sales amount be debited from your checking account, but the remaining cents on the transaction will be "rounded up" and debited from your checking account and credited to any DSB savings account you own. See an example of RUS postings.

Why Do RUS:

Round Up Savings gives you two big advantages:

  1. Build Savings: You can effortlessly increase the balance in your savings account through these automatic transfers. This is ideal for things like growing a child's savings account or setting money aside for an upcoming vacation.
  2. Reconcile Easier: You can record your card transactions to the next highest whole dollar amount in your checkbook register, making for easier viewing and reconciliation.

You Need To Know:

Once you register for this service, Round Up Savings is applied on all POS transactions made with any DSB Visa Debit Card linked to the account; you cannot pick and choose which POS transactions to apply this on. RUS does not apply to cash withdrawals made at ATMs. If a final card transaction is a whole dollar amount (such as $15.00), no round-up transfer is made. Credits to the RUS account are considered deposits/transfers in, and are not interest payments. Any cardholder on a joint account can register or un-register for RUS without consent of any other joint owner. RUS is not made available to card payments funded by business, commercial, organization or public funds accounts. Upon request, you can terminate this service at any time. Always ensure you have sufficient funds in your checking account to cover the POS sales amount and the round-up transfer debit amount.

How to Register:

Click the Inquiry Form and choose the pull-down selection "Signing Up For Round Up Savings." Type in the requested info, including the last two digits of the account number you want the rounded-up funds to be deposited to, and submit. You also can call the customer service department at 1-800-633-2423 with your request.