Overdraft Management

Account holders are advised to have sufficient funds deposited into accounts by the same-day transaction cutoff time -- which is the closing time of the specific DSB facility being used or by 6:00 p.m. CST weekdays on electronic transactions -- to cover any items that may be processed in that day's work for calculating the Daily Ending Balance, including checks presented to us through other banks and the Federal Reserve clearing system. Only the account holder knows which checks and debits have been produced/authorized on any given day. With modern automation, clearings are taking place quicker than they used to.

Info icon Need help with overdraft and debt management? We recommend these organizations and tools for help:

   Housing and Credit Counseling Inc., Topeka

   Use our online checkbook register and reconciliation form

Option 1: Overdraft Transfer Protection

This prearrangement will transfer funds from a designated savings or checking account to prevent overdrafts of a checking account with a daily ending negative balance. Minimum transfer is $50.00. Account holder must sign and submit an authorization card. There is no charge to set up or use this service, although disclosed federal regulations on the number of savings account withdrawals apply.

Option 2: Overdraft Privilege on Personal Checking Accounts

Overdraft Privilege is extended to eligible personal checking accounts. As long as you maintain your account in good standing (see Service Description below), we will consider, without obligation, payment of reasonable overdrafts. Key features are:

  • Payment of overdrafts up to $900 on Beyond accounts and $500 on Basic accounts will normally be considered.
  • Requires no action on your part. If you incur a debit without sufficient funding, Overdraft Privilege may cover it.
  • Requires no signature on any additional documents.
  • Costs you nothing unless you use the service. Our regular overdraft paid item fee of $25.00 per item will be applied.
  • Our normal paid overdraft fee or non-sufficient funds fee or uncollected funds fee of $25.00 will apply to each item that would create an overdraft on your account, and we will send you a notice in the mail or online if an overdraft occurs.
  • You can read more details about this privilege in the Policy and Service Description.
  • Note: Consumer checking account holders at any time can opt-out of Overdraft Privilege, and/or opt-out of having everyday debit card transactions considered for Overdraft Privilege. Contact the bank if you want to opt-out.

Opt-In Consent Required For Debit Card Overdraft Coverage

Federal banking regulations require consumer consent before overdraft coverage and related fees can be extended on single, one-time debit card transactions. If your DSB consumer checking account has Overdraft Privilege and you have provided the bank with your opt-in consent, then the daily Overdraft Privilege amount will be used if you use your DSB Visa Debit Card to make a single purchase and the Available Balance will not cover the purchase amount. If you do not take action or opt-out, your attempted purchase may be declined at the point of sale if your Available Balance will not cover the purchase amount.

To opt-in, eligible account holders can:

  • Print, fill out, and deliver this form to any DSB location.
  • Call the main bank or any branch with verbal consent. Toll-free phone number is 1-800-633-2423 (voicemails not accepted).
  • Provide verbal consent at our main bank or branches.

Overdraft Privilege Not Available at ATMs

Overdraft Privilege funds cannot be accessed at networked ATMs, including Denison State Bank ATMs. The account must have sufficient funds for the withdrawal request to be honored.