Business Remote Deposit Capture

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Business Remote Deposit Capture (BRDC) allows DSB business checking customers to scan checks remotely on a desktop check scanner at their place of business and transmit the images to the bank for same-day deposit and posting into their account. Non-clickable image of a desktop check scanner, for page aesthetics, no functionality in it.

Funds Availability

BRDC quickly allows access to all funds deposited.  Deposits reflect in memo balances the same day if submitted by 5:00 p.m. weekdays (submissions after 5:00 p.m. post the next business day). This allows for easier and more fluid funds management. Remote deposits mean fewer trips to the bank branch and removes geography as a hassle, allowing users to deposit checks directly from their place of business.

Electronic Archives

All deposited checks are scanned and archived electronically, meaning business owners/managers can easily search their records for any and all data they need in the BRDC system. Having direct access to your deposit records will allow you to avoid calling the bank for research requests. Putting all of your archives at your fingertips will allow for greater ease in managing your account. Users will need to properly destroy the original scanned checks according to the Agreement instructions. 

Compatible with Account Receivable Systems

You can export your deposit transactions to a compatible account receivable bookkeeping system for quick reconciliation.

Secured Method

The digital system allows for a variety of effective security measures including encrypted deposit transmissions that keep your business’s finances safe and secure at all times. BRDC offers increased protection against fraud, duplicate checks, and other common threats. Considering the risks associated with mailing or delivering your deposits physically, BRDC proves to be the safest method for managing deposits.

Getting Started with BRDC

Getting started is simple, requiring only a few things:

-- A computer with reliable internet connection to use with your DSB-issued check scanner.

-- An active DSB business checking account in which to make your deposits.

-- A service agreement to be signed. 

-- Step-by-step user training from your DSB employee representative who will teach you how to implement this technology into your business.

-- FEES: For commercial businesses: First 3 months free, then 20.00 monthly. No charges for non-profit organizations. 

If you are interested in this service, contact Kim Clements at the DSB main office, 785-364-3131. 

Mobile Check Deposit Still Available Too

Mobile Check Deposit on the DSB mobile banking app continues to be available to business checking customers as well. The BRDC capture service runs on a separate platform and cannot be accessed on the DSB mobile banking app (once the BRDC postings have been made, they can be accessed in the transaction list in DSB Online/Mobile). See this comparison between BRDC and MCD.