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DSB Visa Debit Cards and Mobile Wallets

DSB Visa Debit Cards, both consumer and business, can be used with:
Apple Pay     *      Google Pay     *     Samsung Pay     *     Fitbit Pay     *     Garmin Pay 
Cardholders load the mobile wallet app onto their eligible mobile device and follow the prompts to add their DSB debit card. You may be prompted to call the Card Services department at Denison State Bank (1-800-633-2423) for activation, based solely on your card usage history. Once activated and loaded, the mobile wallet linked to the DSB debit card can be used to make purchases with participating stores and merchants. Card purchases can be done with just the touch of a finger or scan of a mobile watch.

Mobile wallets use tokenization to safeguard transactions. Tokenization intercepts your card information at the point-of-sale terminal or online payment interface and replaces your cardholder data with randomly generated proxy numbers of tokens.  The transaction then continues as normal. Card data is never stored intact anywhere, making it nearly impossible for hackers to reassemble it.

Need help with linking your DSB card to your mobile wallet?
 Call the DSB Card Services department at 1-800-633-2423.
After hours, call Visa at 1-855-541-8472.