DSB Accessibility Statement for Web Site and Online Banking 

Denison State Bank has, to its fullest and best capability, ensured that the publicly-accessible www.dsbks.com web site and secured-login online banking functions are available to people with disabilities, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

This web site is designed and hosted by the bank's digital banking partner, NCR. Both the bank and NCR have an ongoing commitment to making our web-based services easy for the public and bank customers to use based upon standards recommended by:

• World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.0 Level AA

• Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Accessible Rich Internet Applications Suite (ARIA)

Our Baselines For Testing Operating Systems and Browsers:

We use Internet Explorer (IE) Versions 11 in conjunction with Job Access with Speech (JAWS) Version 17 as a baseline for general accessibility and screen reader testing. This means that Internet Explorer 11 and JAWS 17 are supported and recommended for use as a minimum when accessing the web site and online banking service.

We support Mac OS X version El Capitan 10.11 with Safari 11 and the latest version of Firefox as a baseline. While other web browser and screen reader combinations may work, we cannot guarantee that other user agents will interface optimally with our web site and online banking service.

Our mobile applications are built on platforms that have built-in accessibility tools (iOS and Android). We are focused on making the most frequently used tasks accessible in mobile banking and continue to apply accessibility requirements as we enhance mobile functionality. We currently support iOS and Android built-in accessibility tools. The minimum operating system requirement for Android mobile banking is Android version 7. The minimum operating system requirement for iOS mobile banking is iOS version 11.3.

Web Site Accessibility:

We have designed our web pages with these accessibility features:

- Minimal use of images. The images we do use have alternative text descriptions, such as "non-clickable image of ..." that can be narrated by a screen reader.

- If possible, posted documents in .pdf format have been equally made available in Microsoft Word format too.

- The web site was designed with neutral blue color tones, black text, and use of white space to maximize readability and visual contrast. Blinking text is not used.

- Promotional linked videos on certain online/mobile banking services, provided by NCR, have captioning, if available.

Accessibility Tools:

Your computer may have certain accessibility tools included in the main operating system and browser that will interface with the bank's ADA-compliant web site. For example, on PC's that run on Windows 7, click the "Ease of Access Center" to access programs that can magnify text (Magnifier), narrate text (Narrator), give on-screen keyboard functions, and set up high visual contrast. Free reader programs are listed at http://usabilitygeek.com/10-free-screen-reader-blind-visually-impaired-users  (not bank endorsed). Browser settings can be adjusted for visual and audio changes. 

For Bank Assistance:

To share your feedback or suggestion regarding accessibility to the bank's web site and online banking service, contact: Digital Banking Officer, Denison State Bank, 421 New York Ave, PO Box 71, Holton KS 66436. Phone: 785-364-3131. Email: online@dsbks.com.