Checks: personal and business

Harland Clarke is the endorsed company used by Denison State Bank for checks and check products.  non-clickable image of Harland Clarke company logo, no functionality in it

Your first and initial check order needs to take place directly with a DSB customer service representative at any DSB location.  Re-orders can be done online through Harland Clarke or by calling 1-800-355-8123. The DSB routing number is 101108034. Ordered checks are mailed via U.S. Postal Service in a dark-green plastic envelope. The checkbooks are in a flat CheckFolio folder. Harland Clarke checks have Photo Safe Deposit features that aid in remote check deposit.

Checks ordered through Harland Clarke include CheckArmor®, a check fraud and identity fraud recovery service. Should the checks in an order be affected by forged signatures, forged endorsements or alteration, or if counterfeit checks are written on the account, the account holder has access to fully managed check fraud recovery. This is effective for 12 months from the date a check order is shipped. Call Denison State Bank first if you are in this situation. 

How to write a check: 

Checks: Bank Money Orders (BMOs)

These are checks issued on behalf of the bank, made out in full. Fee is $4.00, waived for Beyond account holders. 

Checks: Personal Money Orders (PMOs)

These are checks purchased by the customer. Fee is $2.00, waived for Beyond account holders. Fee is $10.00 for payday loan companies and other similar that exchange an on-us item for a PMO/BMO. Stop payments can be placed on PMOs but not on BMOs.