Preauthorized ACH Direct Deposit - Direct Debit 

You can authorize ACH-participating companies to automatically deposit to or withdraw from your authorized bank account through the nation's Automated Clearing House (ACH). These companies are the "originators" of the transactions -- not the bank. Use this service to allow participating companies to deposit funds directly into your accounts, such as direct-deposit payroll and pensions, government entitlement checks, interest and dividends, and more. Use ACH to allow participating companies to collect funds from your account, such as bills you owe and automatic payments that need to be made. 

 Why use Direct Deposit and Direct Debit?

  • It's quick: Your money is electronically transferred to and from the preauthorized parties. If the originator originates using a Same-Day ACH service, the transaction could post the same business day as origination day. 
  • It's reliable: the money gets transferred on time, every time, and never gets lost. Deposits in and payments out get done on time.
  • It's safe: No longer do you need to carry your paycheck to the bank or mail checks to a payee.

If you receive a refund on your federal income tax, you can use Direct Deposit to order the IRS to deposit your refund up to 3 weeks earlier than if you were to receive it by mail. You can choose up to three different financial accounts to split the deposit into. Use IRS form 8888 to split your refund among the accounts.

Read more on Direct Deposit of federal entitlements.  

Note about Direct Deposit payroll: The Kansas Wage Payment Act allows employers use direct deposit payroll, if they wish. However, employers must offer a default option, such as loadable PIN-based payroll cards, for employees that fail to designate a bank account for Direct Deposit.