EVM Protection: Inserting and Removing Your Card:
At all 5 DSB branch ATMs, if you use any debit card that has an EMV chip, you will be instructed to insert your card two separate times. When you first insert and remove the card, it will ask what language you want (English, Spanish). If it detects a chip on the card, you will be instructed to insert the card again and keep it in the reader during the transaction. You will be prompted to remove your card from the ATM reader slot BEFORE the cash is dispensed.
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DSB ATM Locations 

Denison State Bank, Holton Hwy. 75 Branch Drive-Up Lane, 207 Arizona Ave., U.S. Hwy. 75, 66436 - Open 24 Hours Daily

Denison State Bank, Holton Main Drive-Up Lane, 214 W. Fifth St., 66436 - Open 24 Hours Daily

Denison State Bank, Hoyt Branch Drive-Up Lane, 210 Hwy. K-214, 66440 - Open 24 Hours Daily

Denison State Bank, Meriden Branch Drive-Up Lane, 3675 74th St., Hwy. K-4, 66512 - Open 24 Hours Daily

Denison State Bank, Topeka Branch Drive-Up Lane, 3640 SW Fairlawn Rd., 66614 - Open 24 Hours Daily


PIN entry is required for any ATM operation.  

Withdrawals up to $500 daily are available on Beyond and business-related checking accounts; all other checking accounts up to $300 daily. If the network system is down, daily total withdrawals are limited to $305.

No charge if a DSB debit card is used at any DSB ATM listed above. DSB will charge its debit cardholders $1 per transaction if used at a non-DSB ATM (for transactions funded with Beyond personal checking, any accumulated non-us fees will be credited back to the Beyond account on the statement cut date); the non-DSB ATM owner/operator may still charge your accounts its own fee at the time of withdrawal, as disclosed on the ATM screen.

DSB will charge users of non-DSB debit cards $3 per transaction when used at any DSB ATM.

All DSB ATMs have English and Spanish screen text selections, plus audio for visually impaired (must use headphones).