DSBconnect: Getting Started

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Register: click here - and then click "Existing User" box - or

- Browser: Go to www.dsbks.com and on right side in the login box, click "Sign Up"

- Mobile App: Install our mobile banking app at App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) click the "New User" link.

Complete the form and submit. To self-enroll, you will need to answer 3 of the 4 out-of-wallet questions based on your credit bureau history within four tries. If valid, your registration will be auto-approved and you can proceed on to login. Self-registration will work for consumers age 19 and above. If you want to register as a minor, or if you are a business/organization, contact us so that we can register you.

DSBconnect is free to Denison State Bank account holders and can be accessed any time, any day.

Login: click here - or

Browser: Login at www.dsbks.com. From any page in the web site, click the "Login" button on far right and it will re-direct you to the home page where you click "Login" button. 

Mobile App: Install the app at App Store or Google Play. Open app and login.

For first-time login, you must enter your username, password, and the answer to a security question you previously chose. You will have to accept the Terms and Conditions of the service.

Once a first-time app login has been completed, the Face ID (iOS), Touch ID (iOS) and Fingerprint ID (Android) login is available in Manage Profile / My Profile and can be used on qualified devices. 

Username and Password 

Change: To change your username and/or password, click the Manage Profile (web) link at top of main menu, or the Profile button at bottom of app. Password must be strong with: minimum of 8 spaces, at least one capital letter, at least one numeral, and at least one special character. 

Forgot: At the login screen, click Forgot Username or Forgot Password links.

Account Renaming

You can rename your accounts for easier recognition. When you register, the account descriptions automatically default to their account numbers. To rename them, click Manage Profile > Applications Settings > Rename Accounts. Any renaming applies only to how they are named on DSBconnect and does not alter how they are named on official bank documents.

Locked Login

Your login becomes locked after seven (7) consecutive unsuccessful attempts. The login automatically locks for security purposes to guard against unauthorized users possibly attempting to access your account. To reset a locked login, email us.

Account Access and Balances

Login and click on "View Accounts." Any Denison State Bank account that is linked to your name will download on your My Accounts screen. This includes accounts of which you may be an indirect owner or authorized signor. If you do not wish to have an account on display, click Manage Profile > Application Settings > Hide Accounts.

If other members in your family or household own accounts at our bank, we encourage each of them to register for their own DSBconnect access. This will help ensure that the right accounts are viewable only by the appropriate account owners. You can share your account access, and other DSB account holders can share their accounts with you, by clicking Manage Profile > Sub-users.

Two account balances are shown on checking and savings accounts. The balance shown next to the word "Balance" is the daily ending balance from the previous business day. The balance shown in larger type above that is the available balance, which is a real-time balance that includes electronic debits and credits applied to your account since then. 

Modified Account Descriptions

Due to the legal definition of these accounts, Money Market Savings Accounts are categorized as "checking" accounts on the DSBconnect system, not "savings" accounts.

Real estate mortgage loans that were booked prior to 2001, and any mortgage loans sold to a secondary market buyer but still serviced at DSB, are categorized as "Mortgage Loans." Any real estate mortgage loan booked after 2001, including all in-house mortgage loans, are categorized as "Commercial Loans."

Move Money: Bill Pay, Internal and External Funds Transfer

Bill Pay, internal funds transfers, and external P2P and A2A funds transfers can be accessed by clicking on "Move Money" in a browser login or "Transfers" in an app login. If you attempt a funds transfer and it is unsuccessful, please contact the bank, as the coding may need to be fixed.

Bill Pay is an optional service that allows you to pay your bills on DSBconnect. A third-party bill paying service, iPay, produces and sends the payments on your behalf, funded by your authorized DSB checking account. Payees determine how payments are delivered, either electronically or by mailed check through postal service. Click Move Money > Bill Pay Enrollment > Enroll Now bar to start using the service.

Timeout Function

Your login session will timeout after 60 minutes of non-activity. You will have to login again if it times out. This timeout is not customizable.


See our Help page.