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Browser: Login at www.dsbks.com. From any page in the web site, click the "Login" gray button on far right and it will re-direct you to the login screen.

Mobile App: Install the app at App Store/Google Play/Amazon. Open app and login.

For first-time login, you must enter your username, password and One-Time Passcode for ID verification.

Once first-time app login has been completed, the Face ID (iOS), Touch ID (iOS) and Fingerprint ID (Android) login is available in the app Settings and can be used on qualified devices. 


Change Password:

To change your password, login on browser, click the "My Settings" link in top right corner, then click "Password | Edit". You will be prompted to enter your current password once, and enter your new password twice. Your password can be 8 to 25 characters, with one required numeral.

We urge you to choose a unique password that would be difficult for anyone to know. Do not use first, middle or last names or initials; birthdates or tax ID numbers; information about your children; year of birth or high school graduation; or other easily-identifiable information. These are the first possibilities that hackers will attempt to guess. We encourage unique combination passwords, such as Swgatr18!.  We encourage you to change your password frequently.

Forgotten Password:

Browser: Click the automated Password Reset link on the error login page, or go to front page of www.dsbks.com in the DSBconnect Login area and click the "Forgot Login" link, or email us. Do not include confidential information such as User ID, last known password, SSN or account numbers in the email. DSB never has knowledge or possession of passwords and can only initiate a password reset.

Mobile App: Click the app icon, then click "More" at bottom, then "Recover Credentials". This feature uses the same navigation flow to reset username and/or password as the flow in Online Banking.You will be asked to enter your username and phone number that matches the phone number stored in the DSBconnect banking system. A temporary password will be sent to the phone number as a text message.

Face ID/Touch ID/Fingerprint ID: Settings are stored in your device settings and in the DSB mobile app settings. 


Change Username:

You choose your Username when you register for DSBconnect online banking. You can change your Username in a browser login by clicking "My Settings" link in the upper right corner/app menu, next screen "Username | Edit". On the mobile app login, click "Settings > My Settings > Login & Security". You cannot change your existing Username to your SSN/TIN.

Your password is not affected when you select your Username. You can continue to use your current Password, or can change it at any time by clicking "My Settings."

Forgotten Username:

Browser: At www.dsbks.com, click the "Forgot Login" link in the login area, next screen "I forgot my username."

Mobile App: Click the app icon, then click "More" at bottom, then "Recover Credentials".  This feature uses the same navigation flow to reset username and/or password as the flow in Online Banking. You will be asked to enter an email address. You will receive the username if the entered email address matches the one that is stored in the online banking system.

Account Nicknaming

You can nickname your accounts for easier recognition. When you register, the account descriptions automatically default to their account numbers.

You can nickname any account to any name you want. For example, nicknaming your auto loan account as "My Car Payment" may be easier to recognize than merely viewing it by the account number. Likewise, referring to a joint checking account to something like "Jim and Lisa's Checking" can make for easier recognition.

To nickname your accounts, do a browser login (not on app), click on the "My Settings" link in upper right corner, then click "Rename & Hide Your Accounts" link. Type in the nickname you want for any account, and then click the "Change" button at the bottom of the page. Next screen will indicate "Your account information has been updated." From here, you can go to any selection you want.

Locked Registration

Your registration becomes locked after five (5) consecutive unsuccessful login attempts. The registration automatically locks for security purposes to guard against unauthorized users possibly attempting to access your account. This also happens when a registered user forgets a password and makes five unsuccessful login attempts, or when a user attempts to login five consecutive times when the system may be non-operational.

To reset the registration, follow the automated password reset prompts, or email us.

Account Access and Balances

Once you have logged on, click on "My Accounts" to view your accounts. For instructions on how to use any of the features, click on the "Help" link within DSB Online.

Any Denison State Bank account that is linked to your name may download on your My Accounts screen. This includes accounts of which you may be an indirect owner or authorized signor. If you do not wish to have an account on display,  in a browser login click the "My Settings" link in upper right corner, then click the "Rename and Hide Accounts" link. Uncheck the "Show accounts" box on the account(s) desired and click Done. You can enable any account for viewing at any time by clicking the Enable box.

If other members in your family or household own accounts at our bank, we encourage each of them to register for their own DSB Online access. This will help ensure that the right accounts are viewable only by the appropriate account owners.

Two account balances are shown on checking and savings accounts. The "account balance" is the ledger balance of record as of business ended the previous business day. The "available balance" is your real-time balance that includes electronic debits and credits applied to your account since then.

Account Access Alternatives to Password:

* Mobile Banking App: Quick Balance: view your balances by clicking the app front page and scrolling down, no login needed. Set-up: App Settings

* Mobile Banking App: Balance Widget: view your balance on card deck directly on your mobile screen, no login needed. Android Set-up:  Do a "long press" on mobile screen and choose Widgets. iOS Set-up: Notifications Center.

 Modified Account Descriptions

Due to the legal definition of these accounts, Money Market Savings Accounts are categorized as "checking" accounts on the DSB Online system, not "savings" accounts.

Real estate mortgage loans that were booked prior to 2001, and any mortgage loans sold to a secondary market buyer but still serviced at DSB, are categorized as "Mortgage Loans." Any real estate mortgage loan booked after 2001, including all in-house mortgagte loans, are categorized as "Commercial Loans."

 Funds Transfer

Browser: Login and click "Transfers" link in top blue bar to transfer funds between accounts you own/manage. You can do internal transfers between accounts you own at DSB, and external transfers using Popmoney and ACH.

Mobile App: Login and click "Transfers" for internal, or click "Popmoney" to send funds to someone else. 

Cut-off deadline for same-day posting on DSB Online is 6:00 p.m. CST weekdays. If you attempt a funds transfer and it is unsuccessful, please contact the bank, as the coding may need to be fixed.

Read our Electronic Funds Transfer Disclosure for full details.

Regulations Regarding Funds Transfers From Savings Accounts

This disclosure explains transaction guidelines on savings accounts at federally-insured financial institutions as regulated by the FDIC. These guidelines were disclosed to you at the time of your account opening when you received the "Understanding Your Deposit Account" written disclosure brochure.

Financial institutions are not allowed to operate savings accounts as "demand deposit" accounts, and therefore must have the following transfer limitations in effect.

Transfers from a savings account or money market savings account to another account or to third parties by preauthorized (auto debit), DSB Telebanking, DSB Online Banking, or telephone voice request to any location are limited to a total of six per month. FDIC regulations allow you to make unlimited withdrawals or transfers in person at any Denison State Bank location or at any networked automated teller machine (ATM), including any ATM owned and operated by Denison State Bank.

On savings accounts, a fee of $1.00 will be charged for each withdrawal or transfer in excess of three during a month cycle. On Money Market Savings Accounts, a fee of $5.00 will be charged for each withdrawal or transfer in excess of six during a month cycle.

Denison State Bank is required to notify you the first time the limit is exceeded. If the limit is exceeded again intentionally or two times unintentionally within the next 11 months, we are required by regulation to either close the account or stop paying interest on the account.

Timeout Function

Your login session will timeout after 10 minutes of non-activity. You will have to login again if it times out. This timeout is not customizable.

DSB Bill Pay and Presentment

DSB Bill Pay and Presentment is an optional service that allows you to pay your bills electronically and directly from a DSB browser or app login. A third-party bill paying service, FIS, produces and sends the payments on your behalf, funded by your authorized DSB checking account. Payees determine how payments are delivered: electronic ACH payments arrive to payee in 2 business days, and mailed check payments arrive to payee in 5-6 business days. Click "Bill Pay" to start using the service. 

Access Speed

The speed in which your computer or mobile device accesses your account information is dependent on several factors, including processing power, available memory, Internet bandwidth, and number of accounts being downloaded.

Help Function

The "Help" link in top right corner provides detailed information about the DSB Online features and usability.

If you can't get answers on the Help function, feel free to contact the online banking department at the main bank in Holton for assistance. Email us or call toll-free 1-800-633-2423 (local 364-3131). Do not include confidential information such as User ID, last known password, SSN or account numbers in the email.

More Helpful Links

Visit these pages on the Denison State Bank web site for more information about DSB Online:

DSB Bill Pay and Presentment
DSB Online/Mobile Security Procedures
DSB Online Banking Service Agreement, Terms and Conditions (disclosed at first registration)
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