Telebanking: 1-866-372-5151

DSB Telebanking gives you toll-free telephone access to your account information at Denison State Bank any time of day. With Telebanking, you can quickly and easily use a touch-tone telephone to:

  • Get real-time account balances.
  • Check account transactions and postings.
  • Transfer funds between DSB accounts.
  • Obtain deposit account rate information.
  • Activate DSB Visa Debit Card, and report lost or stolen card.

Other Telebanking Features:

Toll-Free From Anywhere

You can call the toll-free Telebanking number 1-866-372-5151 from anywhere, including callers from the Holton 364 prefix area. The "372" part in the number translates to "DSB" on the keypad. 

PIN Numbers

All Telebanking users must establish personal identification numbers (PINs) to use this system. Contact us to set up your PIN -- it can be set up in just seconds. If you call Telebanking from a telephone number that is not linked to your bank profile, you will be prompted to enter the 6-digit date of birth of the primary account owner. 

Modified Account Descriptions

Due to the legal definitions of these accounts, Money Market Savings Accounts are categorized as "checking" accounts on the Telebanking and DSB Online systems, not "savings" accounts.

Real estate mortgage loans that were booked prior to 2001, and any mortgage loans sold to a secondary market buyer but still serviced at DSB, are categorized as "Mortgage Loans." Any real estate mortgage loans booked after 2001, including all in-house mortgage loans, are categorized as "Commercial Loans."

Account Numbers, Customer Numbers, Borrower Numbers, Note Numbers

On Telebanking, you will be prompted to enter the full account number you are wanting to access. For CDs and IRAs, the Customer Number and Account Number are the same number. For borrowers, you have both a Borrower Number and a unique Note number for each loan note. If unsure of the account number, contact us. In comparison, on DSBconnect online/mobile banking once you log in, the accounts automatically display without you entering them to access.