Denison State Bank: Fee Schedule
Account Research For transactions two years or older, bank will charge $7.50 per 15 minutes of research time.
ACH Origination $10.00 per file; 10 cents per credit item; 10 cents per debit item; $3.00 return item fee. To enter an origination agreement, contact Kim Clements
Auction Letter No charge.
Bank Money Order $4.00. Waived for Beyond account holders. Check must be made out in full.
Bill Pay Free and unlimited on all checking accounts.
Cash Advances on Credit Card Not provided in bank lobbies, only at ATMs.
Check Cashing DSB cashes checks, both drawn and not drawn on us, for DSB account holders and borrowers. The bank will cash DSB-drawn checks, based on presenter ID and account funds availability, for people who have no accounts here, but will not cash checks not drawn on us for people who have no accounts here. Open a checking account to become a bank customer. 
Coin Counting 3% of total for non-account holders. Account holders free.
Collection Items $25.00 each.
Collector Coins Retail prices with sales tax included posted at display areas.
Debit Card/ATM Card Replacement $6.00 replacement fee if card is lost (waived if stolen/fraud).
Debit Card/ATM PIN Replacement $2.00 replacement fee if PIN is lost/forgotten (waived if stolen/fraud).
Dormant Account $5.00 monthly dormant fee on checking accounts if no activity after 12 months and on savings accounts if no activity after 24 months, on account balances below $100. Must do a transaction to clear off the dormant status. 
Early Account Closing $10.00 fee if checking or savings account is closed within 30 days of opening.
Faxing $2.00 for first outgoing page, $1.00 each additional. Free for Beyond account holders.
Foreign Check Deposit Clearing $8.00 per deposited check item issued by a non-U.S. financial institution. Funds availability may be delayed.
Garnishments or Levy $15.00, as mandated by state regulation.
Letters of Credit 2% of total, minimum $50.00.
Loan Amortization Schedule No charge.
Loan Payoff Fax Fee $10.00.
Negative Balance Fee $3.00 daily on checking/savings accounts with negative ending balances after 7 days. 
Night Deposit Bags Zipper bag $5.00 purchase; Locking bag $25.00 purchase.
Notary Service $2.00 per document for non-account holders, free for account holders.
Overdraft (Paid) & Non-Sufficient Funds (Returned), and Uncollected Funds Fee $25.00 per item. Negative balance fee of $3.00 will be charged daily on checking/savings accounts with negative ending balances after 7 days. See overdraft pricing and rules on consumer checking.
Performance Bonds 2% of total, minimum $50.00.
Personal Money Orders $2.00. Waived for Beyond account holders. $10.00 for payday loan companies and other similar that exchange an on-us item for a PMO/BMO.
Photocopies No charge for account holders. Non-account holders pay $0.10 per copy.
Printing: Statements, Images, Activity $4.00 for activity list/statement with images; $2.00 for activity list/statement with no items; $1.00 per sheet of imaged items.
Return Deposit Item Fee $3.00 per deposited item (checking/savings) returned unpaid to the bank.
Stop Payment Fee $25.00 per item.
Wire Transfers  $20.00 per outgoing wire transaction, $5.00 per incoming wire transaction posting to DSB account.
  This schedule is a fast guide only and not a full disclosure of all terms and conditions that may trigger these fees. Any fees that your accounts/loans may be subject to were disclosed at the time of account/loan opening and can be provided to you again upon request.