Business Loans

Commercial Working Capital (Revolving) 

Credit is available for businesses to manage high and lows of cash flow. Funds automatically can be advanced when needed.

Commercial Working Capital (Amortized) 

Loan is amortized over several years.

Commercial Expansion

Commercial expansion loans for equipment, purchases and plant expansion. 

Commercial Machinery

Terms up to 7 years. No origination fees. No prepayment penalties. Automatic payment option. Cash margin not necessary. Amortized payment or equal principal plus interest payment. New or used equipment. 

Free Confidential Business Assistance

Disclosure: Denison State Bank is not legally affiliated with this program.

Do you want to start a new business or expand an existing business? Glacial Hills Resource Conservation and Development Region Inc. can help. They provide free and confidential business assistance to everyone. If you are interested in establishing a new business in Atchison, Brown, Doniphan, Jackson and Nemaha counties, contact them at (785) 945-6292. This organization can assist you in assessing your business needs, business plan development assistance, marketing and financial management assistance, and links to the resources and networks with other agencies and organizations that can help you.

Other Loan Services

* Letters of credit
* Auction letters
* Printed loan amortization schedules

Info icon  Use our Excel financial statement forms. Available for commercial and agriculture.

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