Agriculture Loans 

Land Loans for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers: fact sheet

Land loans for beginning farmers and ranchers are available through joint financing from Denison State Bank and USDA's Farm Service Agency. They are for the purchase of first property for ag production. See this USDA Farm Answers web site, or contact these DSB lenders if interested:

Trevor Bausch, Topeka    Susan Deeken, Meriden    Tim Benyshek, Meriden 

Ag Operating

Revolving line of credit available for input cost, rent, supplies and more. Only pay interest on the amount of credit being used. Once loan is established, advance can be made with a simple phone call to your loan officer. Maturity of loan is set up to match marketing of crops and cattle.

Ag Livestock

Short-term loans (less than one year) to purchase feeder cattle or feedlot cattle. Will finance cattle input costs. Long-term loans (more than one year) to finance cow/calf operations. Can amortize for five years with payment schedule matching marketing time of calves. Line of credit available to finance input cost of cows.

Ag Real Estate

Terms may be up to 20 years. Fixed-rate terms up to 10 years but with prepayment penalty. Amortized payments can be made, or payments of equal principal plus interest can be made.

Ag Financial Consulting

Free, confidential and unlimited consulting is available at Denison State Bank. Feel free to talk with any of our ag bankers about financing and managing your ag or farm operation.

  Use our Excel financial statement forms. Available for commercial and agriculture.

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