Our Safety and Soundness     

Statement of Condition

Take a look at our most recent Consolidated Statement of Condition.
See our Call Report history at FDIC site. DSB is FDIC Certificate #15305. 

Strong Capitalization

Denison State Bank exceeds Regulation F guidelines set forth by the Federal Reserve Board for a bank that is at least "adequately capitalized." As a result, you can feel confident that your funds are safe and secure. Banks are required to have sufficient capital, which serves as the first line of defense to cover any losses. 

As of Dec. 31 of last full calendar year
An "Adequately Capitalized" Bank Should Have: DSB Has:
Risk-Based Capital Ratio: 8.00% 20.39%
Tier I Risk-Based Capital Ratio: 4.00% 19.21%
Leverage Ratio: 5.00%  14.56%

FDIC Insured

FDIC insurance provides an additional backstop. The FDIC protects depositors against the loss of their insured deposits if an FDIC-insured bank fails. Deposits are insured by the FDIC for up to $250,000 per depositor per insured bank. FDIC-insured accounts include savings and checking accounts, CDs, IRAs, and money-market deposit accounts. No customer has ever lost a penny in insured deposits when a bank has failed.

Board of Directors

Denison State Bank is governed by a 6-member board of directors composed of majority shareholders, executive bank officers, and community leaders. These directors are required by law to ensure the bank operates in a safe and secure manner, and they ensure management is accountable for bank policies and operations.

Directors are Paula Taylor, chair; Dr. Patrick Birkbeck, Mike Day, Russ Riederer, David Spencer, and Dean Tuley.

Internal and External Audits

Denison State Bank employs a senior-level officer charged with performing certain internal audits of various bank procedures and transaction recordings and reports directly to the bank's board of directors. In addition, the bank hires independent external auditors to perform certain audits. Specialized auditors, such as ones that focus on information technology, are also contracted on a periodic basis.

Regulatory Examinations

Denison State Bank is periodically examined by federal (FDIC) and state (State Banking Department) regulators to ensure the bank complies with all banking regulations that protect banking consumers and ensure safety and soundness. Any exceptions must be quickly remedied.

Retained Earnings

Denison State Bank and its holding company, Denison Bancshares Inc., have a long record of retaining a higher percentage of earnings, which means more bank profits are re-invested into the bank. Retained earnings add to a bank's capital position.

Ratings Agency Ranks DSB

Denison State Bank is continuously recognized for strong performance and financial strength. For the last reported quarter, DSB received a 5-Star rating from Bauer Financial, recognizing the bank's safety, strength and performance. DBS has received an A+ health rating from DepositAccounts.com.

FDIC Insurance on Every Deposited Dollar

Through our CDARS program, every dollar you deposit can be covered by FDIC insurance, above the standard limit per ownership category.