DSB Text Message (SMS) Banking

Use to get balances, transfer funds, receive alerts
First must be registered for DSB Online  

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With Text Message Banking, you can use your mobile phone to receive account balances and postings, transfer funds from a designated DSB account into a primary DSB account, and receive different kinds of account alerts during the day. The service is free, secure, and works on any phone that can text (no data plan required).


  1. You first must be registered for DSB Online.
  2. Login to DSB Online at www.dsbks.com from a browser.
  3. Click "Mobile Banking" in top menu bar, then click "Alerts & notifications, texts".
  4. First-time users go to the Text Message Banking area on right side of page and activate your registration with your mobile phone number. 
  5. You will enter your 10-digit cell phone number and accept the terms and conditions by selecting the check box next to it.
  6. A one-time, 6-digit activation code will be texted to your phone. Correctly enter the code and click on the "Next" to go to the next step. 
  7. Select the primary account you want balances and transactions to be retrieved from. If you want to receive weekly balance alerts, make sure the check box is selected.
  8. If you have completed these steps correctly, you will see a confirmation screen saying you successfully signed up for Text Message Banking.
  9. Once you are set up, you are ready to use. You can start by texting the short-code commands (below) to 454545 and get your information within seconds.

    * Messaging and data rates may apply on your cell phone service. Check with your carrier for more information. Never text while driving a vehicle.


Weekly (Friday morning) balance update * Low and high balance
Large withdrawal and deposit * Check cleared

Loan payment due / overdue * CD maturity date * Personal message

For the alerts to be sent, the memo postings and available balance are checked three times daily at 8 AM, 12 PM and 4 PM, Central time. Only one alert is sent if triggered. Texts can be sent to only one activated phone number.


BAL = Current and Available Balance for your primary account.

BAL ALL = All account balances.

LAST = Last 5 transactions on primary account.

BAL CHECK = Account balance of checking accounts.

BAL SAVE = Account balance of savings accounts.

TRANS = Transfer funds between a designated DSB account to your primary account. Use whole dollar amounts. Ex: To transfer $100, key in TRANS 100

HELP = Help on keywords.

STOP = Deactivate service.

Print these keywords on wallet-size.


Text DSB: Send your texts to 785-364-7760 at any time.