Secure Email Messaging Through CSIeSafe

You can use Denison State Bank’s secure email messaging service called CSIeSafe to exchange emails and electronic files with us. Any time you need to send confidential and personal-identifiable information to Denison State Bank (such as mortgage application forms or commercial or agricultural financial statements), we ask that you send it on the secure CSIeSafe site to ensure it cannot be exposed on an open-end email. CSI is the name of our core data processor that provides this service to us.

Instructions to register, log on and send files to Denison State Bank CSIeSafe secure server:

  1. TO REGISTER: Access the CSIeSafe site at (note the URL changes to a secure site as shown by the “s” in “https”).
  2. If not already registered for CSIeSafe (you are already registered if you use this for electronic statements), click the “New User” button and key in your preferred email address and submit.
  3. A password setup prompt will be emailed to that address immediately, and you can setup your password.
  4. Once this is done, you can now login to at any time to send and receive secure emails with Denison State Bank.
  5. TO SEND SECURE EMAIL: Go to and enter your Username (email address) and chosen Password.
  6. Click the “New Message” gray tab that appears under the red “Secure Members Area.”
  7. Next to the word “To,” type in this email: This is the email address to always send secure emails to at Denison State Bank. Once you submit your file, the system will ask if you want to keep this address in your Contacts section, click Yes.  
  1. Type in subject line and a text message in the large empty text field, as needed.
  2. If you need to send an attached file: Under “Attachments,” click “Browse files for less than 60 MB”. You should now see a directory of your PC files from which you can choose the file you want to attach. Locate it, select it, and click OK/Open. You should now see it attached. If you need to delete this attached file before sending, click the red “X” icon.

  3. Do not click the box “Send this message COD.”
  4. If all info looks OK, send the file by clicking the “Send” gray button in upper left-hand corner. You will see the file upload.
  5. When ready to exit the site, click the gray “Log Out” button.
  6. Once you send a message, the bank will quickly receive an email message alerting that a secure message/file is on the CSIeSafe site. You can see if the bank has received and opened the file by clicking the “Tracking” gray button. Click it, and you will see the file you just sent. There is a status indication of when they receive it. It will be “Unread” until she receives and opens it, then it changes to “Read.”
  7. The bank will respond to emails, and/or forward the email internally to the appropriate employee.
  8. TO RECEIVE SECURE EMAIL: If Denison State Bank sends you secured email, you will receive an email notice at your regular email address, instructing you to login to Inbound emails appear in the “Inbox” area of the “Home” section.  They remain there for 90 days before automatic deletion.


Help: Click the “Help” button for a full tutorial on the CSIeSafe system.

Change Password: Log on and click “My Account ” tab, then click the “Set Password” button, make the change, then “Submit.”

Forgotten Password: If you forget your password, click the “Forgot Password” button at main page, and a reset prompt will be instantly emailed to you.

Contact us:  Secure email form.