FAQs on DSBconnect Digital Banking Services

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LOGIN: Password and Username

I can’t remember my online/mobile Password and/or Username. How can I get those?

Go to the login area at www.dsbks.com on a browser.

Username: Click the “Forgot Login” link, then next screen click the “I forgot my username” link and follow the prompts.

Password: Click the “Forgot Login” link, then key in your phone number and Username for a reset to be sent to you.

If you have not had your first login to DSB Online since registering and can’t remember your Username and/or Password, contact the DSBconnect department.



I got past the Username and Password and am prompted for the one-time verification. I received the one-time verification code but it won’t work.

For one-time verification codes that are texted to you or called to you, press the pound (#) button on your telephone, and the code will be revealed to you.

If you prefer to receive the code to your email address, contact the bank’s online banking department and we will enable the code to be sent on email. If receiving and entering the code does not work the first time, please re-attempt. If it fails again, contact the DSBconnect department.


DEVICE VERIFICATION: Repeated prompts for code entry

Every time I login to DSB Online, I am asked to receive and enter a verification code. Why?

Make sure you:

• When you enter the one-time verification code, click “I want to register this computer.” That will place a cookie memory token on your browser so that your computer/device will be recognized at future logins.

• If you have software that frequently cleans cookies from your browser, you’ll need to disable that if you don’t want to be prompted for a code whenever the cookie is not found. The cookie is a component of multi-factor authentication now required on online banking systems for maximum login security.

SETTINGS: My phone numbers and email address

Where do I update my phone numbers and email address?

That is all under the Settings link in the web or app login. You can store two phone numbers and an email address for verification codes to be sent in the event of lock out/forgotten Username and Password.

MOBILE: App vs. browser

How do I access DSBconnect on a mobile smartphone or tablet?

To use mobile, you first must be fully registered on DSB Online. Then, you can install and use our mobile banking app. Go to Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon, type in “Denison State Bank” and find our mobile banking app. Download it to your device. You will login with your Username and Password. The mobile apps are specially designed for smaller screens on smartphones and tablets.


What browsers can I use for online banking?

The browsers are listed here. Any lower versions not listed will not work at all or will experience certain limitations.