Face ID/Touch ID/Fingerprint ID Mobile App Login

Simply look at or touch your mobile phone to login, no password required

Face ID in Apple iOS, Touch ID in iOS and Fingerprint ID on Android are simple, secure ways to login to the DSB mobile banking app on eligible mobile and tablet devices. You can use these biometric logins instead of entering your Username and Password.

Face ID and Touch ID are used on iOS devices, and Fingerprint ID is used on Android devices. These methods make your identity login authentication process quick and easy. Logging in with these will give the same level of access to the app as if you had entered a valid username and password. These methods are free to use on the DSB mobile banking app.

To activate:

Make sure you have installed and are using the most current DSB mobile app version. Do your first login and confirm your identity, then go to the app's Settings.

First, you should activate the Face ID, Touch ID or Fingerprint ID function on your mobile phone in your phone settings. Then, open the mobile banking app, go to the app Settings, and turn on the Face ID/Touch ID/Fingerprint ID button. Follow any prompts as shown. For app logins, tapping the eye or thumbprint logo button starts the login process. Swiping to the right on the login page allows you to switch among other login methods.

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