2019 Digital Banking Conversion

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Copy of email sent to all registered users, 9-25-19

Denison State Bank will change its digital banking provider on Oct. 29, 2019. We anticipate this will produce a better digital banking experience for our users, including the use of new banking functions.

 Read here: DSB mailed the following conversion guide to all users on Sept. 23. You can view it here, 4- pages, in .pdf.

 Or read here: The contents of the guide are shared by topic below.

Overview | Conversion Day | What You See | Additional on Mobile App | Bill Pay | Money Manager | External Funds Transfers | E-Statements & Notices | Discontinued Functions | To Do Checklist



DSBconnect digital online and mobile banking at Denison State Bank will be changing for all users on Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2019. This guide will tell you about the changes and how you can continue to have digital banking access.

Online banking started at DSB in 2002, and the mobile banking app was added in 2008. DSB has been with the same digital provider since then.

In October, we are switching to a new provider in order to bring what we think is a better digital banking experience to you. We will be switching to a trusted provider we have known and worked with for many years, and we are confident this will be an improvement for you and for us.

We use the name “DSBconnect digital banking” to refer to browser-based logins done at our web site www.dsbks.com and logins done at our mobile banking app. This can be used by individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Conversion Day and First Login on Oct. 29

Your existing DSB login will remain serviceable until 2:00 p.m. CST, Monday, Oct. 28. From then until approx. noon Tuesday, Oct. 29, access will be down. By 12 noon, Tuesday, Oct. 29, we expect logins to the new service to be activated. All existing registrations will remain active. You will not have to re-register.

BROWSER LOGIN: the web site to login at remains www.dsbks.com. Click the “Login” box and it will take you to a new login screen.

MOBILE APP LOGIN: the current DSB mobile app will be turned off on Oct. 25. You will want to un-install the existing DSB app on or after Oct. 29. Our app will be replaced by a new one that mobile users will need to install at the App Store or Google Play; find it by searching “Denison State Bank.”

To login on Oct. 29 and after:

                Username: your existing Username will remain active. If unsure of your Username now, contact DSB.

                Password: your password will be your Username + last 4 digits of your Social Security Number/tax ID number. Example: Username is “goldcrown”   Password will be “goldcrown1234” if the last 4 digits of the SSN/TIN are “1234”.  Once you login, you can click “Manage Profile” and change your username and password if you wish.

                Multi-Factor Authentication: security questions-and-answers will be used for the multi-factor authentication that provides additional login security. We will no longer use numeric verification codes that are called, texted or emailed to you. Any time the security questions are presented, the answers must be keyed in exactly as they were when they were set up, and they are case sensitive. If answers are forgotten, DSB can reset them for you.

                Biometrics: Face ID and Touch ID on Apple, Finger on Android: if you have activated these biometric features on your mobile device, you can go into the DSB app settings and enable them for use.

What You See When You Login

(as seen on a browser login; displays on the mobile app will vary)

View Accounts: all your linked accounts and loans will display in the “My Accounts” section. The balance in larger type is the Available Balance; the balance in smaller type is the daily ending balance from previous business day. Click on each account/loan for the transaction history and details. Within the details, you can access the last 24 months of posted transactions on the account and last 12 months of images. Information on closed accounts will stay available for 12 months. On the right side is contact info to DSB, a Quick Pay function, and graph showing month-to-month balance comparisons.

Move Money: here you can do 4 types of money movements: 1) pay bills if enrolled for DSB Bill Pay, 2) transfer funds between accounts/loans that you own/manage at DSB, 3) transfer funds to another person using Person-to-Person, and 4) transfer funds to an outside bank account you own using A2A External Transfers.

Find Locations: load a map of DSB’s banking locations in Kansas. You may need to accept pop-up box to “track your location.”

Messages: submit questions to DSB and see our responses. Certain bank forms will be available to complete and submit should you need them.

Manage Alerts: any account-level alerts you had set up before Oct. 25 will show here, and you can set up new ones by clicking the “+” plus sign next to “My Alerts” box. Alert messages can be emailed and/or texted to you.

Documents: you can choose to allow DSB e-statements and e-notices to be posted here. This will replace you needing to go to www.csiesafe.com, if you were previously registered for that.

Money Manager: the new personal finance management (PFM) program will be here.

Manage Profile (at top): control the settings for your contact info, login, accounts, and Bill Pay. You can set up sub-users to delegate digital account access to someone else.

Additional Functions on Mobile App

Mobile Check Deposit: you can deposit checks by capturing a front-and-back image of a check on the app and submitting for same-day deposit, one at a time. You will be prompted on how to frame the image and endorse the check.

Text Banking:  the new text number is 662265, which is “MOBANK” on keypad, as in “mobile banking.” You will need to set this up on a mobile/browser login, then verify on the mobile device, and then choose which accounts to enable. Screens will show the short-codes to use.

Visa Debit Card On/Off: within the app you can turn your DSB Visa Debit Card on or off, giving you control in situations such as if you misplace your card or know that it is stolen. By turning the card temporarily off, the card cannot be used, even if found by you. It can only be used once you login and turn it back on, or if DSB turns it back on for you. If the card is turned off and you attempt to use it to pay, such as at a restaurant, the transaction will be declined.

Transaction Receipt Images: take a digital pic of your receipt, and store it with that transaction entry.

Bill Pay: Now Located in “Move Money”

If you are using DSB Bill Pay now, your registration for this will continue. Your payee profiles will remain in place. The payment history within the Bill Pay function may not convert, but you can find past payment histories on your bank account statements.

Since we are changing the Bill Pay service provider, there is a chance that Bill Pays that are currently sent electronically within 2 days will be sent by mailed check, and there is a chance that Bill Pays that are currently sent by mailed check within 6 days will be sent electronically. Delivery depends solely on if the payee is set up to receive electronic payment files. When you schedule a Bill Pay, it will show if the payment will be sent electronically or mailed check.

** Note these new changes on Bill Pay **

-- If a Bill Pay is sent by mailed check, the funds will debit out of your checking account once the check has been cashed/deposited by the payee, which is later than what it is on the current Bill Pay. Bill Pay checks will post to your checking account as an actual check and image.

-- If a Bill Pay is sent by electronic ACH, the funds will debit out on the processing send date, which is earlier than what it is on current Bill Pay.

Remember it this way: if sent by check, funds debit later; if sent electronically, funds debit earlier. You will schedule your Bill Pay by the Due Date, not the Send Date. Always ensure you have sufficient funds in the account to pay any presented item at any time.

Tuesday, Oct. 22, will be the last day to schedule Bill Pays on the current system. After then, service will be restored on the new service on Oct. 29. Scheduled recurring bill payments will continue.

Money Manager PFM

This is a new personal finance management (PFM) program that replaces the current one. None of the data will convert over to the new one, so you should capture any PFM records you need prior to Oct. 25.

DSB transaction data, saved as a stand-alone file, can be imported into Quicken and QuickBooks.

External Transfers: P2P Funds Transfers: Now in “Move Money”

The Popmoney person-to-person (P2P) will be replaced by a faster P2P service that allows transfers to be sent nearly-instantly over the debit card network rather than the ACH network. You can send directly to a known debit card number, or send to a receiver’s email address or mobile phone, where they will be instructed on how to receive and forward the funds.

External Transfers: A2A Bank-to-Bank External Funds Transfers: Now in “Move Money”

These are the bank-to-bank transfers set up by users on their digital login at Transfers > A2A/B2B. These are not preauthorized transfers you may have set up elsewhere. We will now refer to this as A2A (account-to-account) or External Transfers. You will need to request this service of us, and we can manually activate it for you. Use this to send your DSB funds to an outside bank account that you own (limits apply).

E-Statements and E-Notices

Rather than having to go to a separate site www.csiesafe.com and do a separate login for e-statements/notices, your statements and notices can now be posted within your DSBconnect. When you first login, you can accept the “View Statements” offer, which will enroll you in online statement/notices delivery from that date forward. The first time a statement/notice is posted within your login, you will have to accept the Terms and Conditions shown, and then you click the .pdf of the posted file to open it. These files will remain on the site for 12 months, longer than the current 3-month history on CSIeSafe.

Based on the E-SIGN law that governs electronic communications from businesses to customers, you must opt-in to enroll for electronic delivery yourself; the bank cannot force that option upon you and cannot enroll you on your behalf. If you are currently using CSIeSafe and do not opt in to “View Statements,” your statements/notices will continue to be posted at www.csiesafe.com which requires the separate login at that site to access.

Discontinued Functions

Popmoney: existing will not convert. See its replacement in the “P2P Funds Transfers” paragraph.

Bank-to-Bank Transfers: existing will not convert. See its replacement in the “A2A” Funds Transfers” paragraph.

Debit Purchase Rewards: these will discontinue. Any pending redeemed rewards will be paid within two months.

Chat: this will discontinue. See its replacement in the “Messages” paragraph.

Checklist: Preparing for the Oct. 29 Change

  • Know your current Username and Password: if unsure, contact DSB.
  • If you use Money Manager PFM now: it will not convert over. Capture and retain any records and print-outs you may need.
  • If you use Bill Pay now: clean up your list of payees. Remove any un-used payees to provide a cleaner list when you start on the new.
  • If you use Popmoney and bank-to-bank transfers now: watch for an email to you in October with details and suggestions on how to handle this transition.
  • If you use Shared Access now: remove any un-wanted delegates you may have set up.