CSIeSafe: How to Register For, Verify and Consent To Receiving Bank Electronic Communications

Thank you for your interest in CSIeSafe electronic statements and notices file delivery at Denison State Bank. In order to complete your electronic registration in compliance with the federal E-SIGN Act, you need to complete the following:

By accessing this web page, you have demonstrated that your computer/device has the capability of opening an HTML-formatted web page, which is the format the www.csiesafe.com site is in.

Below is a link to a PDF-formatted file containing the Terms and Conditions for you to use the CSIeSafe service for accessing electronic imaged bank files. By clicking the below link and accessing the information in the PDF, that action will demonstrate that your computer/device has the capability of opening a PDF file, which is a format that CSIeSafe files are delivered in. Please click the below link and review the Terms and Conditions, and then click the link at the bottom of the Terms and Conditions disclosure to go to the required electronic Consent Form that will be sent back to the bank. On the same or next business day, you will receive an email from the bank containing:

  • Instructions on how to do your first login at www.csiesafe.com.
  • An email from CSIeSafe for your new password set-up to the >www.csiesafe.com site. Accessing CSIeSafe starts the day the accounts are processed; accessing previous statements and notices on CSIeSafe prior to the processing date is not possible.

If any questions, please contact us by email or phone 1-800-633-2423 and ask for the Digital Banking Department. 

 Next step:  Click here: Link to PDF File Containing CSIeSafe Terms & Conditions and Consent Form Link