CSIeSafe: Electronic Account Statements, Notices and File Delivery

Compare the advantages of electronic delivery to paper delivery:

Electronic Statement/Notice Mailed Paper Statement/Notice
Available within 24 hours Can take 4 to 7 days for mail delivery
Accessible only through secure ID and Password Sets unsecured in your mailbox
Statements easily download into Excel You have to re-key the info into Excel
Save the PDF image to your PC You have to store them somewhere else
Delete from your PC if you don't want You need to shred confidential paper documents
Uses no paper resources Uses paper resources


  • Can be used to access the periodic statements and notices on any checking, savings and money market savings account you own at DSB, and any notices for CDs, IRAs and loans.
  • Retrieve your bank account statements and notices within hours -- not days -- of when they are produced.
  • Available on secure web server, never sent on open non-secure email.
  • Arrives in PDF format. Checking/savings statements can be downloaded into Excel and other comma-delimited file programs.
  • Electronic delivery reduces paper usage and helps the environment.
  • Can also be used for secure document exchange to and from DSB. Instructions >

Register for CSIeSafe Electronic Statements/Notices:

To comply with providing required federal E-SIGN Act disclosures, registrants MUST register at this site http://www.denisonstatebankhb.com/home/dsbconnect/csiesafe/register and follow the prompts to access and consent to the CSIeSafe E-SIGN Terms and Conditions. The bank cannot accept any other method of registration, including in-person.

Images on Google Chrome:
Customers who use Google Chrome as their browser for printing online statements have reported that images on the statement print as black boxes. This is a functionality associated with the Google Chrome browser, and Denison State Bank cannot change this feature. You should open your e-statement in another browser, or if you need to open in Chrome, first save the e-statement to the computer and then open it in a PDF viewer product, such as Adobe. The statement should then print without error.