Account and Transaction Alerts

Denison State Bank offers free text and email alerts to registered online and mobile banking users, ranging from daily low account balance alerts to late loan payment alerts. Here are the alerts and where you can set them up:

DSBconnect Online and Mobile Banking

Alerts:  Low balance, high balance, large withdrawal, large deposit, check cleared, loan payment due, loan payment overdue, CD maturity date, weekly Friday primary balance, personal message. 

Delivery: Text, email or both. Conditions for the alert are analyzed, and the alerts are sent, between 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. weekdays. 

Online Set-Up: Browser login to from these entry points:

  • Notifications link in top right corner > Settings
  • My Settings link in top right corner > Alerts & Notifications
  • Mobile Banking in top blue menu bar > Alerts & Notifications

Mobile Set-Up: To receive alerts via push notifications on a mobile device, you must log into the DSB mobile banking app and enable the Push Notification feature from the app’s Settings page. Once Push Notification is enabled, you can subscribe to a variety of banking alerts. The mobile banking apps display the same list of banking alerts that are available through the browser-based online banking. If you have already subscribed to banking alerts in online banking application (to receive alerts via email or SMS messages), when you enable the push notification feature in the mobile apps, you will automatically be subscribed to receive these same alerts via push notifications. You can turn off push notifications for an alert at any time in the mobile apps.

Note that frequency for Balance Update alert is not modifiable in the mobile banking apps. The frequency is modifiable in Online Banking only. If you update the frequency of the Balance Update alert in online banking, the frequency is carried over to the mobile apps. If you subscribe to Balance Update alert for the first time in mobile apps via push notifications, the frequency is set to “Once a week on Friday” by default.

DSB Debit Card Usage

Alerts:  Card number approved for transaction, card number declined for transaction, or both.

Delivery: Text, email or both.

Set-Up: Register here. 

CSIeSafe E-Statements/Notices

Alerts:  Any imaged account/loan alerts, such as overdraft account, NSF unpaid return item.

Delivery: Email notice to login to 

Set-Up: Register here.