Youth Savings Account

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Saving money early is a great life lesson for a young person. Getting the power of time and compounded interest working for a young saver pays financial benefits. 

Any DSB savings account that has joint ownership with a person age 18 or under, or that is under custodial care of an adult, is considered to be a Youth Savings Account. Features are:

Young savers: Join Penny the Owl to earn rewards

Younger savers, particularly those at the pre- and grade-school ages, are welcome to participate in the “Penny” feature.  By owning a Youth Savings account, young depositors can:

  • Get rewards for earned leaves: Earn leaves on a tree that is the home of DSB's Penny the Owl. Each deposit made in person at a DSB location to the account will earn one leaf.  After accumulating 5 leaves, depositors will earn a trip to Penny’s Prize Store inside any DSB location and select a prize. If a deposit is made electronically, by ACH, online transfer, or through DSB mobile remote deposit, the depositor will need to visit a DSB customer service person inside the bank within 30 days of the transaction to claim a leaf.
  • Get rewards for good grades: Earn a trip to Penny’s Prize Store by presenting a grade card from their school containing all A’s or S’s within 30 days to a DSB customer service representative.
  • Get birthday money: Receive $1.00 deposit to their savings account as a birthday gift from Penny. Depositors who visit a DSB location in person during their birthday month will receive the $1.00 deposit.
  • See Penny the Owl: Watch for DSB's Penny the Owl at local parades, events, and visits to schools all while teaching youth about the importance of savings and how to form regular savings habits. 
  • Get newsletter: Visit the bank web site for an educational quarterly newsletter from Penny featuring fun savings facts, activities, and upcoming youth savings program events.  

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