Contactless Visa Debit Card
image of contactless debit card

Now Available:
DSB is issuing contactless Visa debit cards, both personal and business

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HOW YOU BENEFIT:image of Tap to Pay
- Faster checkouts at terminals.
- You don't have to touch the terminal.*
- Encrypted tokenized security.
- Can load card to a mobile wallet for similar easy way to pay. 

1. Expiration Date: About 2 weeks before the expiration date on your existing card, the new replacement contactless card will be mailed to the address of the cardholder. - OR -

2. Get It Now: If you prefer not to wait until the expiration date, come in to any DSB location to get your replacement contactless card.

Once you activate your new card, you can destroy and throw away your old card. The new contactless card will be the same card number and PIN as your existing card. 

With any participating merchant, rather than swiping or dipping your card at their terminal, you hover your card 1-2 inches over the terminal, and the purchase is authorized and made, all within a few seconds. PIN entry may or may not be needed, based solely on the security settings of the merchant's system.* 

The contactless card can be used at any Visa-accepting merchant terminal that displays the symbol shown here: image of contactless terminal symbol  

If the merchant does not accept contactless yet, that's OK - use your card just as you have been doing by swiping, inserting, dipping or signing as instructed on the terminal.  You can use your card to make online purchases (card not present) and ATM withdrawals (based on however the ATM is set up to accept cards). You can load the card information onto mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

Contactless EMV card use tokenization for secure transactions. This means when you make your purchase, your card information (card number, expiration date, PIN) is substituted by a single-use encrypted token code sent to Visa, which provides the maximum security available and prevents hackers from obtaining your identifying card information.