Visa Business Debit Card

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Denison State Bank offers the Visa Business Debit Card to business customers. It has several advantages made specifically for business operators and owners: 

  • Pay business expenses with DSB checking funds. Use the business debit card to pay expenses directly from your DSB business checking account. You can track your expenses on your monthly statements and on DSBconnect online/mobile banking.
  • Pay recurring expenses. Eliminate repetitive labor, postage and check expenses by setting up preauthorized payments through your business debit card.
  • Zero liability for unauthorized charges. With Visa’s Zero Liability Policy you will not be held responsible for unauthorized charges as long as you notify the bank within 60 days.
  • Multiple cards for multiple employees. Contact us with your request for multiple cards. 
  • Monthly itemized debit card statement. You will be mailed a detailed monthly statement at the beginning of each month (separate from the regular checking account statement) that shows transactions by each employee card. See sample. 
  • EMV chip security. The card uses EMV chip technology that features improved identity protection when you present your card in-person to an accepting merchant or ATM. You will see the golden chip in the card. When making a purchase in-person or an ATM withdrawal, if you are prompted for a chip or EMV transaction, you will need to insert the card into the EMV slot on the payment terminal and let it remain there until the processing is completed, then remove your card. If not prompted, swipe it as normal.

Request your card:

Send your request for a Visa Business Debit Card to the bank here. Watch for your new card in the mail within 10 days. Activate it by following the instructions on the accompanying letter. By activating, you agree to the terms and conditions that are enclosed with that letter. The new PIN for that card will be sent in a separate mailing after the new card is mailed.

Would you like to accept debit/credit card payments at your place of business? DSB can help.